Matt Bennett is Associate Professor of Electronic Media Communication, at the University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash, where he teaches courses in film studies, media aesthetics, and criticism. His research and interests focus on psychoanalytic and gender/sexuality studies approaches to popular visual culture. His essay, “Good Woman or Evil Woman? Draupadi as Active Agent in the Mahabharata,” was published in the International Journal of the Humanities (2011, Volume 8, Issue 9, pp. 145-154) and was chosen as one of ten finalists for the journal’s International Award for Excellence. His latest publication is “Sookie and Symptom, Vampire and Void: Irruption of the Real in True Blood,” published in PsyArt Journal (February 18, 2016, Volume 20, pp. 92-103).

Contact Information:
Matt Bennett
Electronic Media Communications
University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash
9555 Plainfield Road
Blue Ash, OH 45236

phone: 1-513-936-7119
fax: 1-513-745-8305
email: matt.bennett@uc.edu
Office Location: Muntz Hall 251D
Campus Maildrop: 0086


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