Should We Reopen the Book on Freud?

Is there any other modern figure as simultaneously influential and discarded as Sigmund Freud? The father of psychoanalysis poked his nose into every dark corner of the human mind and made modernity follow him into the shadows, but we’ve pulled back ever since by mischaracterizing him as a sex-obsessed, cocaine-dependent, time- and culturally limited thinker with nothing to offer us today but an hour on a couch and the dredging up of Daddy and/or Mommy issues. Novelist Richard Appignanesi and illustrator Oscar Zarate aim to cure that misdiagnosis with the graphic novel Hysteria, an in-depth, imaginative reopening of the book on Freud that will surprise you with its power to convey Freud’s continued relevance for us today…

Bob Duggan – BigThink

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